Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (BTKI) and their possible role in progressive multiple sclerosis

MS is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system with a degenerative component that becomes more noticeable as the disease progresses, even though it is present from onset.

Memory systems: anatomy and testing

The human brain has a finely tuned mechanism to form and store memories and no other cognitive domain has been studied as broadly as memory. Not surprisingly, the public often equate difficulty in other cognitive domains with a “memory problem”.

Private practice survival guide

Private practice leered on the sidewalks, beckoning the fallen hero, qualified, homeless, displaced. It had never appealed to me before – I was born into a working-class family; traders were considered rich and dishonest. I had no idea where to begin selling anything, especially my own personal skills. How would I even begin to value my skills, apportion price tags to my craft, design a logo, brand my quality? I was told I didn’t need to, that there were well-established market insiders that had done all the work for me – the BHF, CMS, SAMDC, HPCSA, and an A-listed medical aid synonymous with a wildlife TV channel. All I needed to do was get my “Practice Number” and I was on my way.


Health Professions Council of South Africa


2 Clinical


Attempts allowed: 2

70% pass rate

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Neuron SA - Vol 15 No 3 - Issue 49 - 2022