VDS Healthcare Professional Education Platform is an online CPD compliance and education platform that equips professionals with the necessary tools and resources to effectively manage and meet their professional compliance requirements (as set out by the respective Professional Bodies). VDS is a multi-disciplinary firm with board members from various academic backgrounds. We pride ourselves in offering the healthcare industry technology solutions that bring together the worlds of education, professional development, risk management and information technology.

Vertice Data & Software, is affiliated with The Foundation for Professional Development (registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as a Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) in terms of Section 54(1)(c) of the Act and Regulation 16(4)(a)) and a member benefit partner of the South African Medical Association (SAMA).


To lead the healthcare industry into a future where the needs of all heath care professionals are addressed through innovative solutions and ethical professional services.


Develop and implement successful solutions to address the needs of all healthcare professionals by creating new healthcare horizons and delivering value to all stakeholders;
Make a positive impact on the lives of all healthcare professionals by providing them with ethical solutions and professional services which will save them time and money, thereby allowing them to focus on providing quality healthcare services;
Provide all healthcare professionals access to quality training and professional development in a convenient and cost effective manner;
Assist healthcare associations in addressing the needs of their members;
Assist healthcare professionals in running cost effective and time efficient practices through technological innovation;
Invest in people, infrastructure and technology and establish lasting partnerships with healthcare industry stakeholders and
Be a leading corporate citizen, proud of the positive impact we have on the healthcare industry and society.


The VDS Healthcare Professional Education Platform's set of values frames our business methodology and guides everything we do, with no compromise. We care about truth and take an ethical approach in all our actions. We are passionate about professional excellence. Each value is a guiding principle in its own right.


We value and take an ethical approach to everything we do. Our actions are based on honesty and integrity and we are guided by our moral compass. We always deliver on our commitments.


Finding new ways of doing things and continually improving ways in which things have always been done. Being creative, original and solution-focused in developing innovate healthcare solutions.


Working together with all stakeholders, sharing a joint vision of improving the healthcare industry. Listening to and understanding the needs of all stakeholders allow us to provide solutions, enabling us to meet and exceed expectations. Working as a team, respecting and caring for one another and building relationships based on trust, honesty and open communication.


Believing anything is possible. Being passionate about what we do, having the courage to follow our convictions and having the creative and innovative drive to do things better than before, achieving performance excellence.

Our Partners

VDS Healthcare Professional Education Platform is more than a website. It is a web-based cloud solution with endless possibilities. This user friendly and fully functional web-based interface has significant data processing capabilities that enables us to host a tremendous number of courses, from multiple sources, without effecting performance. This patented and proudly South African Flagship software - TRISCOMS™ - was created by Vertice Data & Software, a division of Vertice MedTech. VDS manages a highly successful online medical education system (www.mpconsulting.co.za) and their software has won the SAIIE President’s Award for Project Design and Implementation (2014). The utilization of this advanced software, together with VDS’ commitment to managing the platform, guarantees efficiency and a pleasant user experience for all.